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 Sowing Pains

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Admin / io RE-search

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PostSubject: Sowing Pains   Sowing Pains EmptySat Jul 07, 2018 5:04 pm

Now (7/7/2018)   
Sowing Pains Styx-FLY-e1525582731105

EVERYONE~ I've ever met *has* claimed a Plan !
{{ & doubt, because I cannot as yet prove otherwise~ that any of you OR even *U* will.... find different.}}

The majority, that some sort of plan actually exists *with* the more virulent, that a plan has always existed ~ *and* that GOD be its originating *AND* only source.

The more educated, that they have a plan of their own. Source, when prepared to *sit* under fearsome's Microscopic's Educative Tongue, usually attributed to THE POWERs *that be* & Their plan.

Those that draw upon *the fear* of fate, that they and *their* own interjections have, do, & will, willingly bear the full responsibility for source. THUS~ so they say~ due *ALL* rewards for *their* antipathy~ TO FATE.
THEY~ are also the ones who, in the main poo poo a full FORMAL Education, providing themselves and their *supposed* successes as....... as Proof, (sotto voce)~ *uck Dat, you can always BUY~ those *ankers, 2 a penny, don't you know.

SO~ " Where the hell can a *ucking failure *sit* ?
 (reason, so ALL those Educative & Poo POO voices claim, be purpose~for providing *their* services)...... and getting the Rewards too?

mE !..... ?

Behind ALL~ that I say and do *and-with* ALL, including mY own Family, EDUCATION *is* ~ WHAT SITs.

In mY case *ITs PROOF* is here, in both the writing AND *THE*-SEEing of *ITs-purpose* worked out.

Now as I've said, including my OWN family means I cannot look to them for any proof to any of what i say in the following. NOT~ because they be unable to provide for such but BECAUSE *behind* EDUCATION Itself, lies the MOST FUNDAMENTAL of *ALL* Fundamentals~ DOUBT Basketball !

bounce DOUBT ! Both Bane and Solution to D*conundrum.
In the case of my self NOT the beginning of mY ROAD to NOW but beginning-true, to mY desire to *FACE IT*(doubt, that is).
{{{ AND YES~ if necessary I CAN ~ with recorded history, Prove some of it}}}

farao Doubt! Source to GOD, and someone TO BLAME. ( Devil- THAT FACE )
pirat Doubt! Source to OWN interjections AND PATH. ( success- THAT FACE )

affraid Doubt! Source to Religion and the Housing it provides. ( Churches- THAT FACE )

pig Doubt! Source to Banks and the jobs they provide. ( *u*- THAT FACE )

study Doubt! Source to Governments and their Educational systems. ( *you* THAT FACE)

DOUBT !~ *i* can go on & suspect *u* too can, AND~ now TOO~~~DOUBT-NOT your ability to provide ........... A *complete list*.
~~~ AND *if* *u* would be so good... please do so.
AND~ of course DOUBT!~ as you will see *i* think (below);
~ Source to all the idiocies one very, VERY extraordinary TEACHER...... *knew*.... *i* would have to spend mY life considering unprovable!

bounce cyclops DOUBT TOO!~ Source to: TUTORHUNT(uk) teachers for hire

Hello Hannah,
With the exception of seemly not being a dyed in the wool Celtic Welsh~ You *are* the perfect person, from my perspective, to help me with mY Particular Dysfunction.

I am a 65yr old that has spent his life on a path that *insisted* I refrain from acquiring any sort of Formal educative status, resulting in TODAY~ being supported by the State @Basic poverty level income.
I say this NOT in order to garner sympathy~ I chose it at about 14yrs of age, understanding THEN the difficulties *and loss* I would have to face.
*** BUT~ Believing THEN as NOW~ that mY reasoning was sound and that today, if I survived it, would arrive.

IT HAS~ and your combination of Experimentаl Psychоlоgy !
***and  A levels in Mаths, Chemistry, Physics аnd Lаtin аll with A* grаdes. I аlsо hаve аn AS level in Music with аn A grаde. 

Fоr my GCSEs, I оbtаined 12 A*s in English Literаture, English Lаnguаge, Mаths, Chemistry, Physics, Biоlоgy, Lаtin Literаture, Lаtin Lаnguаge, Music, Religiоus Studies, Art аnd Spаnish.

“ Is perfect “

Just what precisely I am looking for out of all of that is somewhat difficult to explain in writing and could well lead to a bad start with you.
SO~ In short~ I would like to just talk online to you about the Why and just how you can be very helpful indeed.

Needless to say i am not looking to tax you with any sort of test or course measurements… just to explore mY perspective *with* your training and interests focused that way.

If interested please come back at me.
Your fee is not onerous although my status will mean talking only when I can afford to do so.
The aim being twice a month for now.


lloyd davies

............................AND ALSO

Hello Davide,
Thanks for getting back to me~ AND~ I will purchase your details (after this-& if still willing)

Now for me this is the tricky part of any 1st contact.

SO~ 1] your shown photo *seems* to be wanting, no insisting upon THE EYE needing to inform me of a deliberate desire to be seen as an ALTERNATIVE MIND, which I like (a lot-if true).

2] Your insistence upon (Dr)~ 'to you' however, puts mE in mind of a mind set ~SET_to LOOK DOWN UPON... from start, which is I know, important in the class room environment . 
It *IS* also however A MAJOR factor in why I finally, at about the age of 14/15 or so chose and accepted an alternative path to mY life,
 Accepting THEN TOO~*ITs~ insistence* that I refrain from any Formal PASSES in any subjects provided by any school I went to AND it's resulting denial to any further College or Universities further education.

Now I am aware that 14/15 yr olds do tend to get uppity about those sorts of things round about then. I didn't at that age BUT much, much earlier (about 8/9 yrs old in my case, 14/15 was the final straw, so to speak)

FORTUNATELY~ I had at that point a very, VERY interested and DEDICATED teacher available to me, who had been informed by my Father that whilst I had a body and mind of a young person, I had also shown from very early, the acuity of a 60yr old. Completely lacking in skills and understanding true BUT~an instinct for quickly pinpointing that DOWNWARD LOOKing stance within others.

AND~ Fortunately as said, not only had the above been understood by that teacher but I also both liked and respected both him and his approach to students (his subject History-His position assistant head to school)

His approach to my THEN specific antipathy was to chalk upon board the whole English Alphabet A through Z 

          {{ A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,.... X - Y - Z  }}...AND SAY!

" LIFE~ itself~ is THE UNIVERSITY . One that starts much like the Alphabet, beginning with A and going on through Y and to Z.

He went on~" the teachers job in all of this, is to counter the tendencies of parents and systems that both call for and in many, MANY cases also insist upon an arse about face approach to teaching THE FUNDAMENTALS so important to both HUMAN minds AND THAT UNIVERSITY.
Namely~ 'A' through to 'Zed' *must* go through 'Y' in order to reach a FULL *UNIVERSITY* Degree.

The Insistence that 'X' can be arrived at via a shorter Z-tho' Y route to reach X ....is and has always been a lazy and stupid falsehood, mostly and deliberately used to either throw off balance OR to (stupidly) suggest some sort of HARD thinking has already taken place~ and can usually be soon spotted~IF said person is prepared to answer the 'Y' (why) fully.

The (his) punch line~
" Why ON EARTH would you consider selling yourself ... not to mention *wE* & *me*....so short ? "

The (mY) punch line, being what he said next;

" Now LLOYD, please DO NOT propagate what I've said here. THE WORLD *AND* UNIVERSITY **** NEED AND WILL ALWAYS NEED**** specialists in subjects currently taught in the current form of OUR Educational system and given most young peoples fear of failing both Parents and System could very well pamper to their desire to say... as you are about to, *FUCK IT*... Lets leave it to some other idiot prepared to sit in a FUCKING classroom and miss out on all the fun~ outside.

NOW Davide,
Please understand this~ I KNEW what He was both saying and getting at THEN !
AND~ So asked the next question~" What be the Purpose of Education then, A FULL one, as you say, is nigh on impossible (God Possible exception).
To which He said: WHY making the World and OUR life within it one that WILL benefit ALL.
SO how do you test that asked I ?
Not altogether sure He said~ The current educational system *is* based upon Students swallowing and then ADOPTING a LOOK DOWN UPON stance. Their standing and Wealth *IS* so tied up in it that whilst It does produce a greater specific understanding of whatever subject is chosen IT ALSO (sadly) results in other FUCK YOU sharing habits....just as, if not more detrimental to THE EDUCATIVE PURPOSE....A BETTER AND more educated general population, who also currently in the main do and will… if you follow them......have no choice but to suffer.

I chose THEN to test IT~
RESULTING in a LONG, LONG wait for today AND YOU !

If still interested.... Come back at mE....will you

NOW~to all of you morons, *i* am about to open this forum to THE DOUBTs/clout that  I've NO DOUBT... *U* feel towards those, such as *i* who DOUBT! the veracity, not to mention the competence and/or sincerity of what *u* consider to be *U*.

AND KNOW: Any Failure! WILL consider-any AND ALL 'silence'...... to be PROOF~ of the Chicken shit wit... they already consider *U* to be.

IF However, *u* now can NOW-TOO~accept mY COMPULSIONs and feel that some sort of correction is in order RIGTH HERE, Please send an email to oiomom.com@gmail.com and *I-WILL* allow for it.
Provided of course that *U* only do the following : post to this thread *with the following BEFORE *U* post any complaint and or corrections.

Your real name, your age, your location AND YOUR COLOUR.(your *supposed* colour-being PURE WHITE)
Your Qualifications if any,
Your idea of just what part of This *ucked up WORLD~ *U* decided to apply your Qualification/s.

WITH *ALL* the swear words... *u* can think of.

DO NOT try to start a new topic. I WILL delete it.

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APE *Es* Shite

APE *Es* Shite

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PostSubject: Re: Sowing Pains   Sowing Pains EmptySun Jul 08, 2018 11:09 am

Hey Mate,  ( *u* really should let me and Frank visit, locking yourself up and letting none but cats listen to your T*inking is probably why *u* get so depressed)

Anyway both of us have now read AND reread and then again reread the above and no matter which way we look at it we think you need help, other than the medication the doctor has *u* on, which we are also beginning to wonder about.
 Best beginning we t*ink by providing both proof of just how long the above has actually been UP on the internet and by posting that proof here for you and *U* too.

Wasn't that easy to find but:

26/7/2010   https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=mS87Q0Ix7m8

21/7/2015  http://www.englisc-gateway.com/bbs/topic/48257-its-not-you-understand-my-contention/

24/4/2018 https://www.x-its-tongue-ink.com/t5-race-religion-other-r-souls-non-apologetic-lances

Someone, Somewhere  **** must ****
Someone, somewhere must I've heard ~ Up Stand ~ * WHITE *.
{ So why not you English born WHITE... by right }
Somewhen~ NOT politicians deference den,
BUT~ Gorge by George, Tongue ~deadliest Pen;
~Somehow~ Not a clout left in any doubt,
~with that * doubt * White, tight, english word.... OUT,
~about AND always ready to tackle
~any person whose Mother Tongue... cackles,
~or shackles *HER * God given right... to ask,
~or task... anyones Mighty mental flask.
Fully expecting...(as) by right... an answer
                        ** Which in English should prove Tongue... no Prancer. **
                     Opinion ! No tango, Tongue One, just one.
                                     Quango ? English Tongues wanting lick... round Bum.

~Somehow~ Not a clout left in any doubt,
~with that * doubt * White, tight, english word.... OUT,
~about AND always ready to tackle......

and that 'Somehow' now getting to be more than just a little...clearer, we think.

Hope that helps.

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Admin / io RE-search
Admin / io RE-search

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Age : 71
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Sowing Pains Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sowing Pains   Sowing Pains EmptySun Jul 08, 2018 8:13 pm

Sowing Pains T-T-W-@Dstars-e1531074383162
Goddamit APE~ What the *uck is your Goddamed Problem.

1st~ *U* say you've read, read and read again BUT~ SEE ~ FUCK ALL!
2nd~ *U* then mention what *iS* SO FUCKING Obvious... I need help.

THEN~ forced *I* am to say thank *U*... for both the fucking Obvious AND the need *NOW* to LOOK DOWN... on *U* & so prove mYself... a *unt in the process.

To BOOT~ *U* do so *ignoring* THE *ucking FACT... That I've already said TO *U* Personally right here on this forum : DO NOT GIVE ME ANY OF THAT *wE* Shit! 

I welcome that from MOMs BUT~ ONLY MOMs.

AND all under the guise of Helping me~ 

SO~ Go read that input AGAIN!

AND~ this time~ SEE if~ at ANY POINT *i* say that LOOKING DOWN on *U* is either mY aim or intention. In fact Do *i* not say that that *is* Precisely what started me on this Fucking PATH in the 1st place.

NEXT~ *U* tell mE that *u* are sorry~ AND I WILL DELETE YOUR Input. NOT because *i* want to BUT because *i* cannot and will not allow others to point to your post and say *U* were soft and easy on Him... so why not with me too.

AND Finally~ *U* & Frank KNOW WHY *i* keep mY door SHUT to *U* and YOU.

" The above *IS* something both *u* and FRANK DO and have done every time we have ever actually sat down together in the past.

AND~ *I* DiD then want to JUMP UP and KICK THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF both of *U* then too.

NOW~ Whilst I'm sure *I* can still refrain from that, I'm not sure either *u* or Frank will or could refrain from forcing me to make a point about it AND SO get UP and DO just THAT.

SO~ Unless *u* can now SHUT the fuck up and be sensible in your input~ wait like *i* said to *u* the last time_ for the other NON Moron Forum ( Me in ED TOO )......to be activated.
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*momE* SAID ! i O i Too

*momE* SAID ! i O i Too

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PostSubject: Re: Sowing Pains   Sowing Pains EmptyMon Jul 09, 2018 6:13 pm

Hello again Lloyd,

*WE* think *u* are being very unfair to Ape~ He's was just trying to be helpful AND by the by his post was very useful, especially those links he posted on your behalf. 
So be nice won't *U*, or *u* will never get any subscribers to join and offer their help too.

*WE*, my best friend and *i* have also read, read, and reread your above submission, she by the way was once a teacher BUT of Special needs to kids, none of whom however, lived to be over 25.
*WE* also argued a lot about that definition *special-needs* and if it could actually or should actually be applied to *U* specifically.
Still of 2 minds on that, she of the opinion that that History Teacher and his Alphabet Story was indeed an Extraordinary one but that, in her experience very, very, very few children at that age actually know what they want or need, supposing that *u* have  recoloured that instance in light of what *U* know now, something she says, also from experience, those feeling themselves to a failure.... are wont to do.

*i* however am not and have never been a teacher, just a Student who is now also getting on a bit and also fully dependent upon the State for the income they allow. So think, as she can not, since she has a Good pension, that *u* are not complaining about that, as she has also said but just pointing it out in order to provide as complete a picture of just who, what and how *U* have arrived at today.
Pointing out too, to her, not just the proofs supplied by APE but also that very, very VERY few indeed would make a point about a LOOking UP stance, let alone seem, as *i* think, to be suggesting that there *IS* indeed too, a great deal to be said about it and that there *IS* a  good deal of *inestimable* VALUE..... in holding to that outlook.
*I* also CAN REMEMBER one or two instances very clearly indeed, when still a child at school of course. She says she can too, so I'm not altogether sure just what she's getting at.

She does however, credit *U* with having now! that acuity *U* say your Father mentioned to that teacher then and suspects that once *u* read this *U* WILL pick up on the fact that she has still to register here with *U*.
SO~ has asked me to say that she quite likes the way *WE*, as in *u*, *i* and her are LOOKing @*U* AND *YOU* but will at some point get her own computer.
 Meaning *i* think, that she likes arguing *with* me. 
A Chicken Wit~ *i* t*ink *u* would call her, IF she was a MAN.
She also asks again if your ALL MOMs Forum is ready to go. looking forward she says to seeing  if indeed there be other MOMs just as, if not more Pissed off .....with MEN ...as *u* are.

(It strange *u* know lloyd, *i* find myself actually understanding why *U* use those pesky stars, underlining just doesn't seem to cut it,  ......no personality in it)

Anyway that's it for now. Just be nice to those like APE, He did after all get straight to the nub~ Helping *U*.

OPPs Sorry lloyd~ needed to correct a few thinks.
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Admin / io RE-search
Admin / io RE-search

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PostSubject: Re: Sowing Pains   Sowing Pains EmptyMon Jul 09, 2018 8:54 pm

Sowing Pains C-men-B1-e1525762799715 
Hello MOM E, your friend not keen, as yet, on MORON *with* Microscopic's educative *eye* then. 
*i* do hope that 'as yet'... will still prove....

She is right though *i* did pick up on that NOT YET Registered BUT what surprises me even more. In fact it astounds *ME* that neither of you seem to have picked up upon, what *i* would have thought would have been an INSTANT EYE catcher (given as *u* say her teachers job, being dealing (helping) *with* special needs kids)
PSYCHOLOGY ! .....albeit in this instance "EXPERIMENTAL-PSYCHOLOGY".
OR for that matter the mention of "seemingly NOT DYED in WOOL Celitc WELSH" (an oddity don't *U* think, in a request for tuition)

Impossible for *ME* to see a teacher trained to HELP~ Special kids~ BUT doing so without a good deal of study on just that subject 1st & *I* suspect, would in fact , NOT BE LIVING OFF a good Pension, as *u* say, without at the very least 1st proving a DIPLOMA, if not a Degree in that subject. May be wrong about that, only have what Aunty BBC say they & 'the rest of England' feel about that matter~ VERY, VERY Important.
She is also quite correct about Youngsters not *actually* knowing just what it is that they either want or need (although *i* see she, or was that *u* did add.... in the main) BUT~ in mY experience that state of affairs continues well in to later life too for and usually, if not even more so, if not having family, friends or some school teacher spinning all the horrors of THE DEVIL in & around having no Focused educational objective with which to spend their time and life upon.
*i* don't know, maybe she deduced, from mY post  that that was the underling OBJECTION... that led to mY extraordinary encounter with that *LIFE* focused Teacher, Horrors of THE DEVIL, that is.

Could *U* perhaps *INSIST*, when next reading this together, that she tell *U* what her Professor said about dealing with your own... *precocious*... prejudices ?
*i* suspect, given *WE* are both at about the same age, that the subject would have been covered BUT~ not that way, rather..... aimed at dealing *with* the prejudices of others. The assumption being that each student that had got so far as to decide to take up the subject in the 1st place had already had THAT CONVERSATION.
Sadly mY experience shows, that that assumption *IS* and *WAS*....a BIG MISTAKE!
{{{ Otherwise T*ink *I*,,, *WE* would NOT be having, NOR INDEED~ be NEEDing to~ ever have that CONVERSATION .............ever again }}}
AND~ Indeed *i* would not NOW be hoping HANNAH, and if not her, someone else~ would EXPLORE *with* ME.... Experimental Psychology!
Anyway MOM E, moving on~ IT *IS* important to *me* that you note that *this* response *IS* different to my previous response to your interjections about THE APE. 
{ *i* will deal with that at the end.}

*i* was also surprised to see no UP-TAKE on my mention of mY own family. Even more so considering your friends, now twice, interest in MY ~ MOMs ONLY Forum... BUT perhaps too *WE* also differ on the importance of *SPECIAL*.

IN MY CASE~ FAMILY *is*both BACK *AND* BONE... to *ME*.... and.... the then.... *me* too, although if you were to listen to my Birth Sister, mY Step sister and mY half Brother *U* and YOU could very well HEAR very different indeed.
Who knows, perhaps NOW, if of course they read this.... they may INDEED *STOP* all their APOLOGY ~ BULL-SHIT TOO.
( it's my Birth Sisters Birthday today, so *i* will try again to wish HER and The family well AND AGAIN ask that SHE forwards THIS LINK to ALL THE FEMALE MEMBERS of HER and mY extended Family)

AND YES SISTERs DEAR *i* have been, just as *I* say, for 1 HELL of a long time, well aware of just what I *HAD* to Ignore. *U* know what It's cost me, no show to horrible cancerous death of Father, no show at his Funeral and a half Brother who HATES ME, as a result, not to mention all the Birthdays, Births, marriages, joys and sadness... of a NORMAL Dysfunctional Family.
AND *i* still WILL NOT APOLOGISE for it. That Father *U* say *u* love, loved *me* too AND~ repeat AND ~knew well the price *i*, *he* and all of You Too would have to pay.
" HE GAVE ME THE TOOLs... to do just what *i* am NOW DOING *AND* if He were still alive.... well,.... 1 very, VERY, VERY important TOOL *was*: speak NOT for OTHERS ! 
That being not the 1st one BUT.... just as IMPORTANT as ANY 1st one is ever likely to be."

Now Family~ She, MOM Es Friend was right, THAT INCIDENT  does have a bit of recolouring applied, *i* was then (yr 14/15) still operating upon instinct BUT: The Toes AND KNOWs... SAT behind mE... DID *WALK*-in and around it.... THEN ! *AND* has since tOO also always been doing so. IT, toes and Nose that is DID NOT however, make and still does NOT make any of mY decisions for *me*. Something only *u* who knew him THEN *AND* just how concerned HE was about *mE* and also ....just how carefully he went about dealing *with* those Toes *&* ITs KNOWs..... will fully appreciate.
 Sadly resulting in a life, whilst together, of NO MEANINGFUL discussions AND always with both HIS *i* and EYE *ALL WAYS* aiming A LESSON @BOTH *IT* sat behind *me* AND the pair of Ears HE KNEW~ Could SEE as well as LISTEN (and) I'm not going to lie about it~ IT did, on many occasions make *me* hate both him and *IT* and although *I* can NOW, with a good deal of distance between then and now understand the Pain, hurt and sorrow *i* caused HIM and the family.... *I* ALSO KNOW~ @NO POINT DID *HE* HESITATE in doing so, *AND* T'were HE alive today *I'm-sure* he would NOW~ love to talk *with-me* AND T*ank *mE* for NOT making HIM or any of you APOLOGIES...for ANY of it.

NOW 'fear'.... Family,
*i-BELIEVE* *IS* the 1st BRICK to the edifice *ENGLAND* calls THE LAW!

AND~ REPEAT *AND*~ *i* would NOT have known of either that OR ITs Significance .... had *i* NOT COME to ENGLAND in the 1st place BUT of even more importance~ NOT tOO*walked* the (downunder) CRIMINALs PATH.(something they THE LAW! DO NOT make HERE! a lesson aimed @ youngsters TOES AND KNOWs.)
 Something *i* confirmed tOO *with* a STATE representative.
 ..................................................[Queens Barrister- 1989 & a matter of record]
NOR would *i* have a record of HIS refusal to represent me *and* mY method of presenting a *Duress-defence* in Defence of a position THE LAW would NOT and still WILL NOT countermand.
AND SO~ then, just as NOW had to do it for mYself-*with *ALL the Ignorance and as so said (by all the Legal establishment) FOOLISHNESS... of a WANKER.
Namely~ HOW THE FUCK is a FAiLURE, especially a Criminal FAILURE ever to SEE *i* to *i* with any of YOU, not to mention THAT  SO & sOH'ssssss (persistently-profitable Edifice).
HE~ Queens Barrister that is, AND *I* MUST SAY THIS~ to HIS CREDIT (NOT ITs or THEIRs) did not call me a fool, although he did ask if *i* knew just how the LEGAL Establishment viewed FROM START ANY who DEFENDS Him or HER SELF. 
AS FOOL said *i*. 
SO~ he said " *I* CANNOT THEN REPRESENT *U*, *u* are right by the way~ BUT under THAT DEFENCE... *U* MUST do it as YOUR OWN PERSON and VOICE. So should any of you decide to check that MATTER of RECORD for HIS NAME, BE KIND.... He was at least HONEST... to me AND Himself.

*I* by the way WAS NOT angry @HIM for that refusal BUT~ for HIS Refusal *TO SIT* in 2nd Chair~ AND HELP.

must see dentist now~ be back soon
SORRY~ not ignoring this, just thinking.....11/7/2018

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Admin / io RE-search
Admin / io RE-search

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PostSubject: Re: Sowing Pains   Sowing Pains EmptyMon Jul 16, 2018 1:45 pm

NOW 16/7/2018

AND YES~ *i* do SEE this site as mY main one (for now)
AND~ have noticed that none of you have picked up on the fact that I've NOT added an AMAZING~ for the shift to 14 viewers on line @once.

Consider this that ,,,,,, Appreciations comment.

ALSO NO~ MORON yet ready to LET LOOSE... OR maybe there are no morons on the forum OR with a forum of there own?

ANYWAY~ been diagnosed with COPD~ and invited to do a clinical trial for next 12 weeks~ so whilst *i* will still be able to view and post~ Trail may dictate those opportunities.

So please bear with me/
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Sowing Pains
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