O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }
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O i O MOM.Too { Don't *U* ? }

ONE TONGUE's: TONGUE ONE *with*... x.its PLAN to save THE WORLD
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 *Y*- Do you see

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*Y*- Do you see Empty
PostSubject: *Y*- Do you see   *Y*- Do you see EmptyMon Aug 27, 2018 9:21 am

*Y*- Do you see Screen-Shot-2018-08-11-at-20.07.06-e1535356879226       ....   *Y*- Do you see Screen-Shot-2018-08-09-at-17.57.59.......*Y*- Do you see T-T-W-@Dstars-e1531074383162

*Y*- Do you see STYX-Fly-2-e1535357139502

Now Y do *U* see ? Is not a question usually the 1st to trip from lips of those I have, to date, ever met. IT *is* usually WHAT DO *u* see? that most start their conversation or queries with, presuming that everyone KNOWs there is/are reasons for SEEing in the 1st place.

More fool them- reason BIG WIGS & Capitalists refrain from starting there.... as well. NOT AN ASSUMPTION- BUT a distillation of 65yrs of going to the source OF THINGS... YOU of course.

The WHAT *u* see, of course is the reason for me posting the above images BUT NOT BECAUSE I'm just interested in that alone.

SO~ Well as I've just said in the above topic~ ALL conversation MUST start somewhere. This one started with NONsense AND~ I'm still in the process of tightening ALL of IT down....... to X.

SO~ again please stayed tOOned....
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*Y*- Do you see
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